Melbourne, Florida (April 8, 2024) – Critical Frequency Design (CFD), an advanced aerospace and defense technology company headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, announced today a two year, $991K contract award by Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) for continued development of their high-speed optical switch capabilities for use in digital and analog optical communications.

The award is made as part of a competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract, following a successful Phase I where CFD developed and demonstrated a sensor open systems architecture (SOSA) model that allows the customer to improve, add or build new capabilities into an existing SOSA-compliant avionics architecture. This demonstration validated the progress made to integrate photonics capabilities into modular open systems plug in aviation modules.Under the Phase II contract, CFD will introduce additional advanced photonics integration concepts via modeling and build, test, and deliver two 100 Gigabit per second (Gbps) digital modules.

As avionics, communications, and electronic warfare systems require additional bandwidth while shrinking their size, weight, and power, the need grows for optical communication elements that can provide high range, spectral efficiency and are able to withstand harsh avionic environments.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team’s successful modeling and simulation of advanced photonics for the Navy customer,” said Rebecca Warren, CEO of Critical Frequency Design. “This award showcases the depth of talent in the CFD engineering and operations teams and their ability to design, develop and ultimately deploy capabilities rapidly to the warfighter.”

High bandwidth throughput provides significant communications advantages in contested environments, where there is a high demand for data transmission. This high bandwidth capability, coupled with low probability of intercept (LPI) can offer a distinctive advantage in permissive as well as contested environments.


Critical Frequency Design (CFD) provides advanced photonics communications and sensing solutions for warfighters in contested environments. Led by an agile, innovative team of experts across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and program management, CFD possesses the knowledge and expertise to rapidly deliver mission-critical solutions to the warfighter

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Rebecca Warren, CEO

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